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Proposed cybersec regulations for New York financial institutions have a broad reach

As written by SmartEdgeLaw Group Attorney Richard Santalesa, in the September 30, 2016 IAPP Privacy Tracker and Daily Dashboard – at Proposed cybersec regulations for New York financial institutions have a broad reach Richard Santalesa, CIPP/US Privacy Tracker | Sep 30, 2016 New York state’s long-awaited Cybersecurity Regulations For Financial Services Companies, issued by […]

Client Alert: Encryption for EMV and PoS Terminals

Clients field us questions on encryption constantly: What type to use, the differences between encryption-at-rest versus in transit, what qualifies as “strong” encryption under current best practices, key management, which encryption methods meet “government” standards so as provide “reasonable security,” recommendations for encrypted email vendors… the list goes on. However, a recent story focusing on EMV cards, which […]

FTC and FBI Issue Warning About “CryptoLocker” Malware

Safeguarding data security and privacy is a constant battle.  We always recommend the use of encryption for mobile devices, laptops and all crucial company data or consumer records containing personal, sensitive or medical information.  In a devilish twist, however, cyber criminals have turned encryption against unsuspecting victims, to beg the question: “Are your computer files […]

Whitepaper – Local & State Govt Data Security and Cyber Risks

Richard Santalesa introduced a whitepaper on legal risks and cyber  insurance at this past week’s fall meeting of the New York State Association of Counties – dubbed the think tank for NY’s counties since 1923. The white paper was released at a breakout session on the meeting agenda addressing “Cyber Security and Cyber Risks in Your County” where Mr. Santalesa’s […]

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