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Making a Big Data Splash – New Book Exploring Big Data Issues & Uses

The Sm@rtEdge Law Group is pleased to announce that a forthcoming book on Big Data uses, issues and stategies – Data Divination: Big Data Strategies – will be released on August 27, 2014, and is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

The authors of the book consulted with our firm in detail on the legal aspects of big data and the accuracy of technology descriptions throughout. Firm Attorney, Richard Santalesa, acted as technical editor for the project – reviewing the entire contents and providing recommendations and commentary on legal issues raised and the technical details covered.

Data Divination, written by Pam Baker and Bob Gourley, has already been selected as a college textbook and is certain to garner attention from C-level executives exploring and considering big data uses in the private sector.

Notably, the book covers crucial facets of big data, such as development and implementation, that will increasingly be critical drivers of an efficient and effective business. In addition, the work provides numerous real-world examples of big data uses as well as exploring considerations for applying big data across many industry sectors by businesses both large and small.

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